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Classes in Silks, Hammock, Aerial Hoop/Lyra, Cube, Pole, Trapeze, Aerial Yoga, BUTI Yoga, Stretching & Aerial Cirque Conditioning



Sun. Dec 10th, 4:30-5:30 

Santa's Twerk Shop w/ Candace Cane! 

Get your holiday groove on while jingling your booty like bells in this hour long Twerk Out consisting of full body strengthening exercises, twerking techniques, and bootylicious choreography. Learn how to ice-o-late (isolate), shake, and bounce your cheeks while working up a sweat! Bring knee pads and/or knee high socks

Rope workshop.png

Cyr Wheel Workshop

In this beginner-intermediate Cyr Wheel Workshop with Tosca Rivola we will explore waltz, center spin and some fun hand manipulations! This is a small group workshop - Minimal spaces available.

Tosca is a performance artist specializing in Roue Cyr, an acrobatic discipline that features a life-sized steel hoop. Tosca has competed in the Wheel Gymnastics World Championships twice, held numerous circus residencies around Europe and teaches classes in Los Angeles




Corde Lisse/Spanish Web w/Jane Osborn *starting Jan 13th Saturdays 4:15- 5:30

In this Multi level class we will be working on a Rope (also known as Corde Lisse) learning various climbs, inversions, choreo and tricks. Using a loop to hold on with hand or foot we will learn various web spinning techniques (Also known as Spanish Web). Students will also learn how to spin each other on the rope which is know as Websitting. *for foot spinning it is recommended to wear an elastic type foot stirrup to protect the ankle.




Thursdays 12-1P 



 STARTING THURSDAY NOV 2nd. Decompress your mind & spine in Aerial Yoga w/Amber! A fusion between a yoga and aerial class. With the use of hammocks and the ground, Aerial Yoga incorporates yoga, pilates, ground based and aerial moves to increase flexibility. While being supported by the hammock and using gravity you will be able to get into a deeper, more relaxing stretch that allows for easier, supported inversions. The perfect mix of fun, challenging and relaxing. 60 minutes (Co-ed)




Tuesdays 12-1P 


STARTING TUESDAY NOV. 7TH Join Diana in her new Yoga Class! Open up mentally and physically, during this fun, invigorating lunchtime practice! MAHA YOGA is an hourlong, musically-driven practice derived from traditional Hatha/Dharma yoga roots, so expect to challenge your focus, intuition, strength, and flexibility with longer, meditative asana holds and full, attentive breath. A balance of lighthearted play and determined discipline, you'll be encouraged to find grace and creativity in your practice by controlling your movement and experimenting with varied expressions of the postures. All is within! 60 minutes (Co-ed)



101 WED 3:30-4:30 & 4:45-5:45) (

102 THUR. 3:30-4:30)

Aeriform Arts' Youth Aerial Arts program is designed to introduce young kids & teens to the world of Aerial Performance & fitness. In addition to traditional conditioning & dance training students will be taught skills in Aerial Cube, Silks, Hammock, Trapeze & Aerial Hoop (Lyra). We emphasize the importance of the fundamentals of aerial movements & safety, as well as creating an environment of self-expression for each student to discover their inner performer! 




Amanda Ritchie

Amanda began performing at three years old.  By the age of seven she starred in a local South Florida children’s show, KidZone.  Her passion for performing blossomed and before she attended high school she was offered the opportunity to study with the Joffrey Ballet School on scholarship. During her academic schooling, Amanda worked full time performing with the Ft. Lauderale Ballet Classique.  But after graduation, her desire to travel the world led her to run away with the circus as a headlining aerialist/dancer with shows such as: Dezire, Cirque on Ice and Four Spirit of the Elements.  In 2009 until May 2015 she made the bright lights of Vegas her home performing with Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity and Michael Jackson ONE. You can find Amanda teaching Lyra & Silks at the studio!


Amber Porter

Amber is a Los Angeles based dancer and aerialist with over 15 years of professional performing experience.  After taking her first dance class at the age of 2 she knew body movement would be her life.  She received extensive classical ballet and modern dance training at the University of Louisville School of Music, dancing in their pre professional program.  In 2003, Amber moved to LA and fell in love with aerial performing.  Seeing this flight based art form as another extension of her dance background, she sought coaching from Judith Flex of Luminario Ballet and Aloysia Gavre of Cirque du Soleil.

Amber found her yoga practice while seeking ways to heal her body after a performance injury.  Experiencing the healing properties of yoga first hand, she wanted to share this type of healing with others.  Looking to bridge the gap with all her movement styles Amber began teaching aerial yoga, completing an aerial yoga certification with Levity Aerial Yoga and the Yoga Alliance. You can catch her at the studio teaching Aerial Hammock, Lyra & Aerial Yoga.


Diana Nguyen

Diana Nguyen walked into her first yoga class in 2003 with tennis shoes on and no expectations. By the time she rose from that first savasana, she knew she had touched something she never wanted to let go of, and embarked upon making yoga a lifelong practice and personal duty. Though initially delighted by reaching milestone #1--touching her toes--Diana soon discovered that the benefits of a yoga practice reached far beyond the physical, and considers yogic philosophy to be the lasso of her life. Though her heart beats on Pacific Coast time, Diana completed her 200-hr teacher training in New York with Master yogi Sri Dharma Mittra, and continues to teach and practice with the guidance of his mantra: "Be receptive." You can find Diana teaching Maha Yoga at the studio!

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