Labor Day of Love...

Yes - I know why the holiday is actually called Labor Day - but I'm boycotting that name and this weekend I'm hiding out at home. I have a long weekend from work and I need to try to relax. I'm going to lay by the pool. Drink boat drinks. Try not to drive anywhere. Watch an entire Criminal Minds marathon. Veg out completely. Stay at home. I'm really going to try to lay low.Well, I might just work at the studio for a couple of hours one day and I do enjoy surfing so I may just sneak in a little surf time, plus I am NOT missing hammock class on Saturday....

Sometimes your cup runneth over. I have been out of control busy and while I really enjoy what I have been working on I still need to learn to find a better balance in my life, it seems to be an ongoing theme as of late.

For one, I have been prepping for our first Student Showcase (Midsummer Flight Dreams!) at my studio Aeriform Arts.  It was a huge success, incredibly fun and I am extremely proud of all the students and instructors, BUT it was a lot of work (look at the fun photo's).

Secondly, it's summer and I am trying to learn how to surf or rather learn to surf better. I love the ocean and love surfing, my shoulder on the other-hand not so much.

I like many other of my friends, am trying to fit 72 hours into 24 and it's not working, something has to give. As of late that has meant myhealth as well as my sanity. Not cool. I have always had issues with my "go gadget go mentality" & I really thought I had it under control but much like a drug - the demon has taken over and I feel trapped in its jaws!

Why is it that we all seem to take on so much in our lives without really enjoying what is already there? This thought always starts to hit home for me as we get closer to Thanksgiving. People spend one day giving thanks for everything in their lives, while at the same time mentally calculating their plan of attack for the shopping excess and insanity that is Black Friday - the following day no less.

I have my friends, my family, my career, my studio, 1 web site and 1 blog to run. Not to mention that I want to take sewing lessons, learn how to weld and find that perfect spot in the desert where my husband and I can build our selves that perfect little vacation home (and yes I do see the irony in this). Is that too much to ask for - maybe.

Plus as I get older it seems to get worse!!! What exactly is driving me to continually up the insane pace of my life. Could it be some sort of hidden agenda bucket list?  Who knows but something other than me has to give. I am reminded of the saying what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I wonder, is that really true cause I'm thinkingwhile it may make you stronger it might also make you extremely tired.

The universe is filled with "balance" yin & yang, good & evil, day and night, Betty & Veronica, positive & negative, I need to get on board with the universe so I'm really going to try to find a way to balancemy labors of love - after I finish surfing.


Working It Out...Post Op!

I am not a good sick person. Oh sure initially after an operation I am pretty bed bound. But once I start to feel just the slightest bit's Go Gadget Go! I get stir crazy. I over book. I want to move around, I want to swim and surf and hang upside down!!! 6 weeks after my surgery I started back with Pilates privates, only one day a week. I know my instructor went super easy on me and even then it was hard, but I felt great. I felt strong. I even managed to do a little shopping after and pick up dinner for my husband. On the drive home I called a friend and made plans to go to aerial yoga that weekend and pole the following week as well. I was back! After dinner at 7:30pm I passed out - I didn't wake up until 11am the next day and I woke up in pain.

Maybe I needed to rethink this whole healing process.

So just how does one ease back into to their life after an operation? Even though our mind may be ready our bodies may not be quite there yet. Specifically how does one build up the strength and courage to go back to work as well as working out? And once we are "back" how can we find a better balance between work and life so we don't find ourself in the space that may have put us there in the first place?

I am not sure. But for me it started with the doctor taking so long to give me the OK to return to work, exercise, sex, driving etc. Mine wanted me to take it slow - pfffft - take more time for myself, just relax. What he didn't realise is that work and exercise and running around IS me. Maybe it should be less of me, maybe it could be me at a slightly less frenetic pace. I can work on that.

I was planning on going back to work the next Monday. I pushed it to Thursday and even then I left early for a week. I decided to take advantage of my companies summer hours and take the free "every other Friday off". I have decided to not be a workaholic. The company didn't die when I left, they missed me sure, but everything kept moving. I went back to Pilates - only Pilates and made a promise to myself that I would get through 5 weeks of privates before even attempting any pole or tissu classes. I am slowly incorporating aerial yoga back into my life. I made a promise to myself to spend more time with my husband, myself and my dog. I am going to the beach God dammit and yes, for the time being I am leaving my surf board at home. I'm writing in my blog and catching up with friends that I haven't seen in a while. I am doing all of this slowly and while it is a speed I am not used to, it is a speed that doesn't hurt.

It's amazing to me that it took a 3rd major surgery for me to actually take some time off from work, to slow down. Why do we do this to ourselves? What is the point of packing in all of these activities if we can't really enjoy them? It literally took my body collapsing to slow down and enjoy life. So many women and men feel the need to have it all,  maybe it's really about slowing down and enjoying what you have. So much of Pilates is about breath. Maybe we all need to take a little more time to breathe. It's something for me to think about as I am working it out.