DIY: Homemade Wheatgrass Powder

This year for me is all about getting healthy: I've quit smoking, I've decided I need to be kinder to myself with more "me time" and less work, I'm trying to figure out how to move to the beach, I'm working out all of my finances, I'm getting certified in Integrated Wellness and In an effort to eat less processed food I have broken down and finally bought a Vitamix (more on that adventure later). I really also wanted to try to grow my own wheat grass - I mean how hard could it be it's just a grass right? But would I be able to actually use it as fast as it grew? Probably not - so I thought "I'm going to need to figure out how to powder this".  Once I looked around I realized it was MUCH easier than I thought - so no excuse not to try!

Here's a great Wheatgrass Powder DIY reposted from Rachel Lee - check it out...

Homemade (garden-made) Wheatgrass Powder //

Posted on May 24, 2016 by rachaellee

Lately I have been sharing some DIY ideas straight from my garden, and today, it’s all about the wheatgrass. My little wheatgrass plant has been growing like a weed, and I couldn’t juice or use the stuff as fast as I was harvesting it! So, I decided to make wheatgrass powder for my daily smoothies and homemade skincare creations. I’ll get to those fun recipes sometime soon, but first thing’s first: How to powder your wheatgrass...

  • Harvest/cut it by trimming your wheatgrass about 1/2 an inch above the soil. 

  • Place your wheatgrass on a baking sheet to dry out at 120-150 degrees for about an hour until it feels dry/brittle to the touch. 

  • Grind all of your dry wheatgrass in a coffee grinder until it turns to powder. I had mine on the espresso setting, which created finer grounds. 


  •   Store your wheatgrass powder in the container(s) of your choice, and stay tuned as I will be sharing some amazing edible and skincare recipes with our new favorite ingredient! 

Wheatgrass has so many amazing health benefits, and in powder form, it’s easy to use on a daily basis. For skincare, anemia, blood cells, cancer fighting, pH balance, and so much more. Enjoy!