Review: Taking Flight With Pole Flight PRO!

I love both hammock and pole. So when I recently had the opportunity to test out one of the newest pole/fabric apparatus combinations on the market, Pole Flight Pro from, I jumped at it.


What exactly is Pole Flight Pro? The Pole Flight Pro apparatus attaches directly to your permanently mounted pole and allows the suspension of silks, hammocks, corde lisse, straps, chains and more.

There are a few pole/fabric combos on the market. But Pole Flight Pro has some features that I haven't found in the other ones.



  • Works on Spinning and Stationary poles.  NOT recommended for stage or unsecured pressure mounted poles.
  • Integrity of Movement System:  Exclusive two-point hinged design limits unwanted side to side motion. This is extremely noticeable when using the rescue 8 mounting, slightly less so when using the closed loop mounting but still much less side to side movement than other manufacturers.
  • Cost $235 *can vary with chosen options.
  • Additionally there is certification program and a video lesson access pass with over 50 lessons by Caterina Gennaro available through


I decided to grab 3 additional partners in crime as poling is always more fun with friends (or in case I looked really silly in the video).

Our mission was to see what we could achieve having never actually used a Pole Flight PRO before.

We tested a closed loop, Pole Flight PRO on a 50mm brass spinning pole with an aerial hammock (we didn't have a swivel attached to the apparatus).

Please enjoy the totally improved video of us goofing around and testing it out!



It took us a minute to get in the swing of things. You've got a pole, you've got fabric, you've got crazy cirque ideas running through your head, you've got squealing women yelling "try this - try that" so its easy to get a little mixed up and while all of us had a background in pole or aerial, none of us had ever used a Pole Flight Pro.

Once we got our bearings we had a blast!  The thing that I really love about the unit is that while it's brilliant for marrying pole and aerial it can also be extremely useful for strength training and spotting as well. I noticed that I was more willing to try pole moves I didn't feel as secure in previously, due to it's "spotting" nature.

All in all, I really loved Pole Flight Pro and if you have access to permanently mounted poles, I would recommend it as a tool for your studio, personal use or both.

For more info on Pole Flight PRO please go to

Have any additional questions? Feel free to post them here.

Love & Glitter,