A Shopaholic's Guide To Health & Workout Items On A Budget!


I have SO many wish lists when it comes to workout and health items. Lists on Pinterest, lists on Amazon, the lists go on and on - literally. My addiction is bad. I'm convinced I really need that leg stretcher for my splits, I jones for a new mega powered blender, expensive body rubs and essential oils attack my senses and with one whiff -  I'm hooked. Just one more pair of booty shorts won't hurt right?  Wrong.

Who am I kidding I cannot afford this, hell most of us can't, I want my lavender, nylon cake but I need to be able to pay for it too. There has to be some way for me to acquire some of the dream items without leaving me penniless. What's a shopaholic to do? Here are a few of my favorite solutions! [bctt tweet="Check out my quest to find fun, health and workout DIY's, plus some low cost goodies too!"]

  • Vitamix: The cream of the crop of blenders! I know if I had one I would become the perfect smoothy drinking, almond milk & nut cheese creating, soup making on the fly, health conscious fashionista and I want one really badly but they are so damned expensive! How can I get one at a better price? Craig's list (maybe but ew), Christmas present from the parents...wait doesn't QVC sell them? Yes they do and while they are not that much cheaper on QVC I can pay for my $400 - $600 super blender in 5 payments over the course of 5 months and that makes it something I can actually swallow.

  • Leg Stretching Machine For The Splits: Yes people, I know I don't actually need this and that all of the stretching I need to do can be done by myself, with gravity, or yoga blocks, pillows, bands, towels, against a wall etc. That being said I am a machine junkie and I want one, I want an oompa loompa now, my name is Veruca after all. Problem is - they ain't cheap. There has to be some sort of DIY hack right...yup!


  • Yoga Mat Cleaner: I always want organic, yummy, calming, yoga mat cleaner but sometimes those tiny little bottles can be expensive. Why not make your own version. they In this video, they'll show you how to make your own organic Yoga mat cleaner using Witch Hazel and essential oils, the nice thing is you can mix up the oils and scents that you like (always use some tee tree though as it has antiseptic properties). We use a version of this at my studio plus you can find TONS of videos with different versions on YouTube.

[vimeo 8511844 w=640 h=360]

  • Class Pass: While it's not super cheap at roughly $79 - $99 depending on city, if you are a classes junky it can really work in your favor. So many studios and different types of classes are on the pass it allows you to try stuff out that you might not normally. At $15 - $35 a class normally just doing a few a month can add up. With class pass you could take a class everyday if you had the time, the one caveat being you can only take 3 classes maximum at any one studio during a month. The other thing I like is not contracts!

  • Arnica Muscle Balm: I'm always achy and bruised up. I would love to have some sexy, yummy smelling arnica lotion but the store bought versions never smell pretty. I looked into having some made custom with my own scent ideas but it was more than I wanted to spend and really couldn't I make my own? Why yes I could! Check out my DIY version here...Rub Me The Right Way: DIY Arnica Muscle Balm

  • Stall Bars: Are so cool, don't take up a lot of real estate in your home and have so many uses, they'regreat for stretching, working strength, you can add a little incline bench or bands, I mean hell you could even dry your clothing from them - really they have endless uses but they are not cheap. I've spent a lot of time looking at various DIY versions on the internet and while I might pick some stronger materials and do a little more finish work - this DIY version seems easy enough for even me to make (let's not get crazy people - Mr. Blue will be making them for me). Here's the link, Stall Bars DIY, and a video play list to give you some ideas.


That's it for now BUT If you have any DIY's, tricks, hacks or know of any great deals please share them with us here!

Strong, Bendy, Green-drinking Love & Glitter!