Road Maps, Resolutions & Intentions for 2015

Seeing as it's the top 2015 I thought it might be time kiss goodbye 2014 and think about what I really wanted to achieve during this new year. It's a blank slate and anything is possible if you put your mind to it, right? What started out as my "Aerial Goals" quickly morphed into "Life Goals" because as much as aerial is a huge part of my life, it's just one part of my crazy world. Plus I'm a Gemini so I'm always battling with my other half who - clearly needs less sleep than me. Here are my thoughts, ideas, dreams and (even though I hate the word - so much pressure) resolutions for the new year.

Go gadget go!

INTENTION: I'm feeling like I need to switch things up a bit - why the fuck not right? While I plan on getting back into Pole and go deeper into Surfing, Stretching & Hammock, I am really looking forward to some new stuff. I'm planning on trying Cube, Trapeze, Net & Bungee/Wire Work. I am seriously obsessed with bungee, wall walking and wire assisted dance - too fun!


INTENTION: Continue to reduce the amount of unnecessary stuff in my house and life. There is no reason for me to have as much physical crap as I do or deal with life sucking people - I'm dubbing this as the year of "Less is More".

RESOLUTION: Quit smoking. - enough said this needs to happen!

RESOLUTION: I'm going to remodel our office/guest room. This should be easy and fun! I'm already scouring Pinterest for ideas (here's my board if you want to check it out)  but I do know there will be some sort of gold foil or glitter involved.

INTENTION: I would love a new studio space but it needs to be the right space. I'll continue to look but won't rush to move until I find the perfect new home for Aeriform. My Dream Studio Space looks like this: * you can rent this space in NYC from

INTENTION:I am aiming to complete 1 blog post a week & 2 paid &/or guest posts a month. It's only week 3 since I decided this but so far so good.

RESOLUTION: If it kills me I'm going to take a trip to Costa Rica with the hubby and anyone else who wants to come. I am so going to try to book a workshop here! It's the best of all worlds - aerial - yoga - surfing - paradise!


RESOLUTION: Get home twice a year. I miss my mom, she misses me and I have a niece and 2 nephews who barely know me & Mr. Blue. Plus my grandmother is turning 99 in March. I need to make this a priority and be better about it.

INTENTION: Complete my organization & money management packages and have them in beta mode by my birthday in May. I'm already working on this but creating a program is no small feat, it needs to come correct!

INTENTION: Get a new smushy faced doggy! I miss my doggies Ali and Zoey a ridiculous amount - it's insane. I needed time to heal but the fact that I spend at least an hour a day on the internet stalking rescue sites leads me to believe I'm ready - it's time!

While I don't actually think I'll achieve all of this in a year it's a starting point, ideas to kick around, a road map, end goals to eventually reach. As long as I continue to move forward I've got plenty of time. I've honestly always believed it's more about the journey than the finish line, I'll take the road less traveled and find my way there.

What are your plans for the new year. Do you have new things you want to try, old things you want to revisit? Any work, family or workout goals? Share your road map - I'd love to hear your plans!