My Rockin 2nd Date w/Cleo! A Review Of Cleo’s Rock N Pole Part Deux

Warm up, choreo, cool down, warm up, choreo, cool on these Veruca! So yes it's been about 3 months now - high time for a check in regarding my progress with Cleo's Rock N Pole dvd. I would love to say that I have managed to look like this...


But I haven't.

What I have seen is a huge improvement in my cardio during pole workouts, improvements on my never ending split work and more hair flips & head rolls in my dancing - and kids I'LL TAKE IT!!

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The 3 areas I decided on really diving into this time around are the warm up, choreo & cool down.

Warm Up: I really liked this warm up. While it's much faster of a warm up than I'm used to that's not a bad thing.

Choreo: While I like this section the choreo was really hard for me. It moves pretty quickly and while I definitely feel like I have improved I can't say I feel comfortable doing it. But if I did, I guess I wouldn't need to work on the routine. I also feel that this style of choreo moves much faster than I do when I normally dance, that being said I have picked up a bunch of hot moves and added them into rotation!

Cool Down: Loved the cool down - great stretches and a much needed break from all of my hard work. It actually could have been longer for me but other than that I loved it!

All in all I really like this dvd. The floor routines were my favorite. While there are routines for beginner to advanced I feel a true beginner might have a slightly harder time with a some of the routines - she/he might want to start with the floor work first.

So...Will I be using the dvd again - yup! And while I do feel most of it is better suited for non beginners, there is a goddamned lot of content in this dvd usable by everyone. I think it's a great buy and something people, myself included, will be able to refer back to on a regular basis.

Love, Glitter & Rock N Roll,

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