My Rockin Date w/Cleo! A Review of Cleo’s Rock N Pole


Totally excited and slightly scared I jumped at the opportunity to review Cleo's Rock N Pole DVD. I mean it's Cleo for damned sake, it's going to be bendy, it's going to be hot, there's going to be heels and I assume some neon. "Am I going to be able to keep up?" I hoped so, "will there be modifications?" cause I'm going to need them. Oh Veruca get over it - download the damned DVD already and get at it. [Tweet "I'm an 80's child so Cleo's dvd spoke to me. Any excuse to wear neon colors and fringe tee shirts will immediately draw me in."]

Here's a little bit about the dvd from -

"Cleo’s Rock N Pole is a fun and high energy workout combining strength, flexibility and cardio training by a two-time Australian Pole Dance Champion. Choose from 4 heart racing routines from Pole to Floor-work danced to a HOT Rock N Roll soundtrack. Not only do you exercise your body, but your brain is getting quite a workout! A challenge conquered can be so rewarding, learning new skills that test your memory ability AND improve your dance skills. Plus, once you know the routines it raises your heart rate so you reap the maximum benefits in cardio fitness!"

The first thing that hit me about this dvd is there is a goddamned LOT of content, 113 minutes of content , that's almost 2 hours so at $34.95 you're getting your moneys worth.

You get:

  • 1 warm up
  • 3 choreographed pole routines
  • 1 sexy floor routine
  • 3 strength routines
  • a cool down

Plus breakdowns and modifications for each. While there are routines for beginner to advanced I feel a true beginner might have a slightly harder time with a some of the routines - she/he might want to start with the floor work first. Also I opted for the digital download not realizing there aren't chapter breaks. Knowing that now I think I would pay the slight extra for the dvd version. Since I was feeling less then bendy I thought I would watch the dvd and concentrate on the floor work and strength training - clearly areas I need to work on! Next week I'll review the warm up, choreo pole section and cool down (with modifications thank you!) and then end the week with a review of where I'm at! I'm hoping to see some flexibility & strength improvement but I know I need to actually put in the time.


The 3 Strength Routines: The 1st routine consists of pull ups on the pole (with modifications for beginners), tricep dips on a chair, more pull ups, push ups, shoulder/bicep stretches and then seated pole climbs from the floor only using your arms to climb. I was good until that end part and then FAIL - I think I did two baby climbs lol. The 2nd routine consists of oblique crunches with one leg on the pole and side stretches using the pole. The 3rd routine consists of laying down on the floor on your back with your head near the pole, cup griping the pole and with straight legs using your abs to lift your legs up and butt up off the floor - not quite a full plow as your legs are going straight up in the air. Then you do the same type of lift but with your legs in a center split (or your version of a center split) while these are not the easiest moves they are great building your strength for achieving a correct basic invert and chopper while safely on the floor.

The Floor Routine: I loved the floor routine (I even videoed myself doing it - and NO not gonna post that shit but...) it has a lot of leg moves in it that look great if you have sexy splits and while I don't, I can see how doing this routine and the others will help me get closer to that goal. The nice thing about this routine is you can take pieces of it and incorporate it into your own routines OR just use it for a warm up after your normal pole warm up, plus its sexy and great for people who may not have a pole in their home.

So far I'm loving the dvd, while it is harder for someone who isn't as far along in her flexibility as she would like to be, I'm hoping by using it on a regular basis I will see some improvement on that front. After completing the warm up, 3 strength routines and floor routine I was EXHAUSTED - which is a good thing. One note I will add, don't make my mistake, have some knee pads or leg warmers around to protect your knees for some of this stuff (notice how in the 1st two photos I don't but the last one I do - trust).

I'm going to go take a nice hot shower now but check back in with me next week to see my review on the warm up, choreography and cool down sections!


Love, Glitter & Rock N Roll,

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