Oh Snap - Free Photos! (Bloggers Delight Pt.1)

Much like bacon - everything's better with a great photo. We're always on the hunt for amazing, free photos to enhance our blogs. This week I've been a blogging fool. I have literally worked on 5 different articles and it's only Wednesday. My tiny, tired, little, fingers have been working overtime. I'm exhausted. Yet all I needed to complete the madness were some free, sexy, stylized, artsy photos. I've long since exhausted all of the usual "free" suspects and realized I need some fresh blood, an infusion of new resources. Cut to several hours later, I managed to find a bunch of sites - new to me - that actually have beautiful photos. It's like Christmas for blogging! Exquisite, visual presents to be unwrapped by the eyes. Hopefully they will bring you some joy too! *This is part 1 of 3 in my "Bloggers Delight" series. 3 articles with sites, items, tips and apps for bloggers!

Let's skip the usual suspects Flickr Creative Commons, Google Creative Commons, Photo Pin, Stock.XCHNG, etc and get down to the nitty-gritty. In no particular order here are 10 different sites that have great options for bloggers.

Photo by Linh Nguyen on Unsplash

  • Unsplash Unsplash has beautiful high-resolution photos by multiple users for download on their site. Register and get 10 free, hi-res photos delivered to you inbox every 10 days! (CCo 1.0)
  • GRATISOGRAPHY Gratisography by Ryan McGuire is one of my favorites. It has artsy, sexy, gritty, hi-res photos for download. (CCo 1.0)
  • morgueFile morgueFile's website states they are a "free photo archive by creatives for creatives". They do not lie! Lot's of great, free photo choices here. This license is specifically for designers and illustrators to use the images in a creative process creating work of their own. If you are looking to use the straight image in a blog, they recommend contacting the photographer and providing a by line under the photo with the photographer's name.
  • Photo Credit: Function

  • Function Function is a great design blog with amazing tips, resources, inspirations, deals and a cool free photos section! (Photos are free to use From their website "If you like what you see and want to show your support just leave a comment or give the page a tweet. Just to be clear, these Photos were taken by me, you have full permission to use them however you see fit. No need to ask permission, enjoy! ")
  • Photo Credit: Death To The Stock Photo

  • Death To The Stock Photo I love this site. It really is like Christmas here. Join for free and every month they will send you a pack of free photos! I am loving their work. I also like how on the web site you can see where some of their photos are being used. Their photos are beautiful! Here is a link to their Photo License. Also check out their FB page as well.
  • Photo Credit: Viktor Hanacek

  • picjumbo Totally free professional & stylized pictures you can use commercially or for personal works. I love their "things" section. They also have a premium sections with lots more goodies and at $6 a month plus full access to all previous collections viadropbox it sounds like a steal!
  • Photo Credit: Dasha by Sean Archer

  • 500px I'd have to say this is my favorite site! 500px allows their users to use Creative Commons licenses. The photos are beautiful and their POPULAR link is eye candy!
  • IM CreatorHas a super-hot section called IM Free which is a curated collection of free resources, all available for commercial use. Click on the different collections and make sure to slowly scroll through - more picture load from the bottom and if you scroll too fast you might not realize there are more. The license info (CC) is on the page one you click the photo.
  • Little Visuals Web site with free, beautiful visuals. Sign up to get 7 hi-res images zipped up in your inbox every 7 days. (CCo 1.0)
  • Getty Images In the recent, huge and slightly controversial move by the world's largest photo provider, Getty Images is now letting people embed its stock images for free for non commercial use. Not all of the images are available but with 35 million choices it is by far the largest quantity of free media, in one area, available. The images are high quality and there are numerous choices. One thing to note for Wordpress users you cannot embed a "featured" image - so it can't yet be used for that.
  • //embed.gettyimages.com/embed/152877466?et=HzuiHTuCRl1eIvCcgrvvnA&sig=dehyStYBVWBDSTRN7ErSXqW2cMRE3efH48i0s4B1kRQ=




    So there you have it, my list of 10 sites to check out. Some of the sites have a lot of quantity - others not as much, but the quality of the photos are way above average and there are many gems to be found if you think out side of the box with your visuals. Hopefully some of these sites will strike a creative chord with you.

    And if you have any fabulous resources for free photos please share them here. I am always looking for a great shot!


    Love & Glitter,