2014 - Glitter & The Year Of The Unicorn...

Unicorn Glitter Necklace from isewcute

Every year around this time I do a post regarding resolutions (The New Year's Resolutions), intentions (Resolutions vs Intentions), goals whatnot. I'm so over it.

First of all, why is this an end of the year exercise we all attempt but rarely complete or accomplish. Why aren't we writing these posts in April or May? I think this whole retrospective view of our successes or failures for the year is BS and while I am one for planning and a good-to-do list, I think I put too much pressure on myself.

This year I am going to go with the flow, allow the surf to take me where ever, it's not going to be about tackling resolutions, intentions, lists (which I of course have and are - to lose weight, quit smoking, get my splits, pay off all debt, become a better surfer/aerialist/pole dancer, yada yada yada - you get the gist of it right?) and feeling bad if I don't accomplish them, but it will instead be about embracing the "nemesis goals" and replacing them with Unicorns & glitter.

"Huh" you ask? Well first of all I love Unicorns and everything in life is better with glitter, plus it's hard to be grumpy or angry with glitter in the mix. Secondly, while I was surfing the web stewing about my intentions from last year and beating my self up for not meeting them, I happened upon this really nifty yoga blog/website - Daniel Scott Yoga. He has a certain je ne sais quoi about him, that in-your-face-no-BS-but still manages to be Zen- kind of quality.

 Anyhow Daniel was talking about his Nemesis Poses and how "In the beginning, the list of enemies he worked all-too-diligently to conquer seemingly grew bigger with each class, and his prospects of winning them more distant. Something needed to shift. His ego was taking a beating with nothing to show for it. And then it hit him. By opting for a more positive approach to the postures he longed to master, his focus shifted from defeating an enemy to befriending his practice. Thus began his fascination with Unicorn Postures."  Yup, I'm stealing this - thanks Daniel, I love this!

Al's Custom Pasties on Etsy - Lena's Black Unicorn style

I'm shifting the way I look at things. Instead of not having my splits, I am much closer than before. Instead of not managing to quit smoking, I am down to 1 or 2 a day. Instead of not losing enough weight, I am making great strides with lifestyle changes. Instead of having to nail that "nemesis move", I am working towards being stronger so all moves benefit. Instead of not having paid off all my debt, I am celebrating owning my home, having a great job AND owning my own

Aerial Studio

while continuing to pay down bills. Instead of not feeling like I have progressed enough as a surfer/aerialist/pole dancer, I am realizing not only do I SURF, but I started in my 40's and it, Aerial & Pole are amazing parts of my life.

There are so many definitions and mythos surrounding unicorns but I am choosing to embrace this version; when seen in a forest, the Unicorn is said to represent purity, growth, birth, rebirth, renewal and fertility. I always say it's not the destination but the trip that is important, life is growth. This year I'm planning a rebirth and choosing a path of renewal, a renewal of my belief in myself and my strengths.

This year let's choose Unicorns & Glitter!

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