Resolutions vs Intentions (or Veruca's fall cleaning blues)

I decided to update the look of my blog, a fall cleaning of sorts (I believe in spring & fall cleaning) Thoughts, comments, questions, concerns? Anyhow while looking through a few old entries I came upon this one: The New Year’s Resolutions…It speaks of setting intentions vs resolutions. That year (2011) I decided I was going with INTENTIONS, because while I intended to do a lot of those item – I was not quite sure I was resolved to do them. Um CLEARLY I wasn't because as I review the list I am getting mildly annoyed with myself, as you can see from my notes below, I didn't really get very far.

  • Seriously work on my flexibility. Saying SPLITS seems like an elusive goal, working on flexibility makes more sense to me. It’s something I can do that might actually get me to those elusive splits I took for granted in my youth UM - NOPE - NADA GOT NOWHERE WITH THIS ONE. I HAVE NO EXCUSE OTHER THAN I SUCK AT BEING DISCIPLINED TOWARDS THINGS I DON'T FIND FUN... GOING TO HEAD HOME TONIGHT AND START WORKING ON THE SPLITS.
  • Let go of toxic things, people, thoughts etc that weigh me down. Honestly this is probably a life long process but I really need to start being better at it. In the end the only one you are punishing or is suffering is yourself and while I know this, the process is not an easy one. THIS IS REALLY SOMETHING THAT NEEDS TO BE A LIFETIME PRACTICE AND WHILE I STILL HARBOR SOME ANGER ISSUES TOWARDS A FEW KEY PEOPLE I WILL SAY I AM GETTING MUCH BETTER AT THIS!
  • Get stronger! I think that if I was honest that this one would really be ”lose 20 pounds”. But I am trying to be positive Veruca, so I will not harp on weight and instead make a goal of strength. I do however believe with getting stronger there is an inevitable outcome of weight loss…how ever little or large that maybe. I AM STRONGER - YES SO THAT'S A WIN.  IF I COULD ADD A20 POUND LOSS TO THIS THAT WOULD BE EXCELLENT!
  • Take a vacation! A real vacation, somewhere out of the state for 5 whole days, with no doggy in tow and I must not think about work and not feel guilty about being away for 5 days! Clearly if I can’t leave my job for 5 days I am not being paid enough and quite honestly I am the only one who is making myself stay home. Work is FINE with me going on vacation…it’s just me. I always find more stuff I need to do or I let something get in the way. I need to get over this – this is a must for my sanity. HA VACATION YOU SAY - PLEASE VACATIONS ARE FOR CHUMPS (I WILL KEEP TELLING MYSELF THIS UNTIL I HAVE ENOUGH FREE TIME AND EXTRA $$ TO TAKE ONE)
  • Dance to my favorite songs, for an hour, at least once a week, by my self, at my studio, just for the sake of dancing. WELL AN HOUR MIGHT BE A STRETCH BUT I DO PLAY AROUND IN MY STUDIO BY MYSELF AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK (AND DOES CAR DANCING COUNT, I HOPE SO BECAUSE I CAR DANCE EVERY NIGHT WHEN I AM STUCK ON THE 405N)
  • Be a healthier, happier, less judgmental Veruca. Spend more time with my doggy outside, go biking once a week with my husband on our new Christmas bikes, spend more time at the beach this summer, work hard at my job and my studio but remember to enjoy the process a bit more and not worry so much about the outcome.  I AM GETTING THERE - NOT THERE YET BUT HONESTLY ISN'T THAT WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT?

So what have I learned from revisiting my "intentions". Clearly looking backwards isn't they way to go about life. Maybe I should just look at the now and towards the future, keep moving - like a shark always move forward. Not be so hard on myself and my "intentions".

I do still feel the need to come up with some actual concrete goals for 2014 but I'm thinking if I start them now I will have a little extra time towards them, so here we go...

  1. quit smoking
  2. work specifically on shoulder, hamstring & hip flexor flexibility
  3. lose 10-20 pounds
  4. work on my surfing
  5. take a vacation to Costa Rica (and do #4 above)
  6. pay down all credit card debt

With the best intentions,