I am a Pole Dancer...Or The Sanitization of Pole Dance

I want to get dressed up in a pretty dress and go to the ballet, be moved to tears by the dancers, impressed with the creativity of the outfits that enhance their story, amazed by their bodies and emotions.I want to drink strong fruity drinks, throw caution to the wind, grind up against a cute boy and try my skills on the dance floor in some sort of gyrating-ly sensual Latin dance with a flower in my hair not worrying about any overtly erotic manner.

I want to dance freely without judgement with glitter, heels and a low cut top.

I want to hang out with my female and male friends, go to a strip club, knock back a few Jack & Gingers and be impressed by all the floor work, pole moves and gluteal dances - that alas, my glutes long to do, but cannot.

I want you to feel comfortable with choosing not to wear the pretty dress to the ballet, not to engage in the Latin dance, skip the gluteal circus at the club and leave the glitter behind - as long as I don't have to - because I won't.

I watch the Olympics. I support our US athletes. I have no urge to see Pole as a strictly sanitized sport.

I am a TV Exec

A wanna be Aerialist

An Ex- Gymnast

A Wife 

A Studio Owner

& I am a Pole Dancer!

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