Health, Wellness, Beauty & The Pole Beat...

As I was thinking about writing this entry it occurred to me that I would make a fabulous want-to-be pole dancing, surfing, middle age, sometimes vegan, meat-eating, aerialist, drag queen (is there even is such a thing?). I kept thinking about what I actually do to attempt to keep my mind, body and soul nourished for pole/aerial and my general well-being. It's really tricky because on one hand I am very good, but on the other hand I am very bad...let's start with the very bad first:

  • I smoke - there I said it! I KNOW it's bad for me, I know I should quit. I know it's a horrible unhealthy habit and yet...I can't seem to quit. And if I had to be honest I really don't want to. Clearly the Gemini in me is working against me. This is something that I know I need to do but can't yet seem to master. I see it as a huge failure in character but apparently not enough to make it stick.
  • I over extend my self. Whether it's on the job, at the studio, with my workouts, with my laziness - whatever I always over do it. Go-Gadget-Go needs to learn to Chill-Gadget-Chill. I am the consummate over achiever as well as the over booker. My weekends are a crazed blur of energy - this is great and works well for me - until it doesn't and I end up getting sick or burnt out.
  • I binge/purge health - meaning I go thru extremely healthy periods of time followed by Jack Daniel's swilling, cheese cake & chocolate consuming, no sleep induced, toxic periods. (I have yet figure out which of the two is the binge and which is the purge)

Well actually now that I'm typing it, it really doesn't seem so awful. It could be MUCH worse. I know myself and I have always been a study in contradictions. I truly believe that everything in moderation makes the world go round. As a Gemini my pendulum swings way to the left and way to the right. I am hoping at some point to have the two points come a little bit closer but in the meantime I do at least have more items on my very good list. This list is composed of 15 healthy things I actually do and some of my go to items that help me nourish my body, mind & soul. A lot of these items are pole/aerial related and some are not, some just make me go squeeee! Here are my 15 favorite things.


  • Surfing - I Surf...or try to at least. It brings me great joy and actually gets me out of bed at 7am on a Sunday. I love being in the water and at the beach, there is almost nothing better.
  • Brazilian Wax & Laser Hair Removal, for under arms. Brilliant, just brilliant I say. I am super scared of a laser Brazilian though, just thinking - why risk it?
  • Nascobol - this has truly changed my life. Nascobal is a prescription B12 nasal spray. You use it once a week and it does wonders! Look into it. No more B12 shots at the doctor's office.
  • Thigh High boots - Everyone should own a pair. It will change your pole dancing for ever!
  • I have started going to a therapeutic masseuse. I am probably the only person I know that doesn't really like massages. Therapeutic, Swedish, hot stone, sports, deep tissue - whatever I pretty much hate them all. But my body needs them and they seem to help my messed up shoulder so I will endure the pain and maybe even try to enjoy a Swedish from time to time.
  • Mindful Meditation - 10 minutes a day in my office at work, with the lights out, headphones on and the door closed.
  • My special kitchen items: my juicer & dehydrator. I no longer have to pay $7 for a juice and 6.99 for a bag of kale chips from Whole Foods!
  • Fringe Booty Shorts! Extremely forgiving and soooo fun to dance around in!
  • And yes, I finally found the perfect 24 hr lip color, it doesn't get all over my silks, or my clothing - it REALLY works well and doesn't get all caked up on your lips! Revlon's Colorstay Ultimate liquid lipstick in Top Tomato.
  • A good multi vitamin & vitamin D liquid drops.
  • My Family & Friends. Life cannot be all about work or even my studio.
  • GLITTER - one can never have enough glitter...

What are your health & wellness tips and tricks that keep you nourished?