Finding Your Sexy...

Sexy - How does one define it. Can it even be defined? Well I am an über geek so to me the Orion Slave Girl from Star Trek is sexy - but green is not everyone's cup of tea. So what the hell is it, how does one get it, KEEP it and why does it scare so many people? These are the questions floating around in my head due to, I am sure, the gaggle of amazing pole videos and pictures out in the "inter"verse  recently - no doubt brought on by United Pole Artists  "Bringing Sexy Back" 2 weeks - Great Idea! And while I am so grateful to see everyone bonding and putting it all out there, much like Prince I keep thinking "sexy never left" did it?

At least I hope it didn't.

I started my pole dance journey at S Factor and while I am no longer at that studio, my love for the fluidity and the sensual, sexy movement they teach/embody was, and is, the foundation of  my pole background. While I may no longer be part of SFactor - the beauty of their dance and many of the relationships I made there are still a huge part of my pole life. I like pole "dancing" and I like it hot, doesn't have to be raunchy but HEY sometimes that works really well and who am I to judge - what is one persons raunch is another's marsh-mellow fluff.  I view pole dancing as an art more than a sport (this I know, is a whole other topic for later) so for me the dance aspect is extremely important - I don't want the sex taken out of it. Which isn't to say that I don't understand, comprehend and completely respect the athleticism, total dedication to art, strength, body and form that the top pole dancers need & work HARD to perfect on a day-to-day basis. So many of the tricks today are jaw dropping, gravity defying feats of amazing physics and athletic skill - plus as an ex gymnast I will admit, I love them and would secretly kill to be able to do them but honestly if I could perfect the sexiest body wave in the world I would probably be just as happy.

So what is your sexy? Is it slinky, erotic, strong, angry, boot wearing, ass kicking, seductive, athletic, raunchy, light, airy, fiery, bendy or maybe even slightly Green Sci Fi - esque? Whatever it is we need to remember to enjoy it, use it, embrace it everyday so we never have to bring it "back".