“A Day In The Life of a Studio Owner”

Sitting here trying to write this blog entry “A Day In The Life of a Studio Ower” I realize it should really be called "a day in the life of a studio owner/want to be aerialist/tv exec/wife". While owning a studio is a big part of me it is clearly not the sum.I'll start out by saying that while I still enjoy aerial hammock & cube I'm definitely cheating on them with bungee, harness, wall & cyr classes. I'll miss my hammock classes, sneak around - then come back to them. I have excuses as to where I've been, why I've been distant, unavailable & then pop into a class on the sly. I hear myself saying things like "I love hammock but I'm IN LOVE with harness"  it's like a bad Lifetime movie.

Regardless hammock will always be my first love (well after pole but…); it made me feel like a kid again, helped me formulate a huge support network of wonderful women (and men), boosted my confidence level, and from time to time taken it down a few notches, it's helped me to be more comfortable in my body, and it's made me annoyed with (I typed hate but hate is a strong word) my body for being too large, too tense, not flexible enough, it's messed up my shoulder but it's tightened my abs, pole helped me to decide to open my studio - which I love but it's stolen a lot of my free time. It's made me cry and it's filled me with more joy than I have felt in years. Much like a first love, it has helped define who I am, who I have become, who I hope to be...and I wouldn't change a minute of it.




  • Summer Hours at my TV Exec job so I have every other Friday off - today I am off YAY!

  • BUT hubby just said he has an audition so I need to cover him at the studio BOO :(

  • 10am swim - I am a fish I LOVE water!

  • 11am Massage w/Nelson - sounds fun right - NOT - sports massage to try to fix my shoulder. The massage itself is a work out. I feel exhausted and beat up after.

  • 12:30 nail apt - yay this is fun except...

  • 12:30 start returning studio phone calls from nail appt.

  • 1:30 prep for classes, get Facebook and Twitter posts together for the week, call instructors, generate payroll, sweep floor and any cleaning before 3pm Pole Class. Work on any TV Exec stuff I didn't get to during the week.

  • After 3pm Pole Class & Open Pole Hang 9 hammocks for Hammock Class (sounds easy - but is really a pain in the ass).

  • After Hammock Class (which I will take) reset Hammocks for Aerial Yoga on Saturday (seriously up and down 11 times each for this and 9 previously is a work out of its own) studio cleaning, check schedule for Sat and lock up.

  • Speed home and shower and meet friends & Hubby for drinks etc. OR crash hard depending on how many classes I took. Try to eat some dinner because I probably skipped lunch.


  • Wake up at 8am.

  • Forget to eat breakfast - grab a bar at the studio.

  • Work at studio from 10am - 4:30...wait LUNCH crap forgot to eat? Bribe a student or my hubby to bring me some food then...cleaning, prepping, take a class or 2 while I am there. Respond to tv job emails (it never stops).

  • 5:00pm & I'm heading down w/friends to Hollywood Forever Cemetery for a picnic & screening of Roman Holiday w/lots of yummy food and champagne - plus cupcakes!

  • 12 am back home & it's time to sleep - sleep is SO good. Oh crap forgot to pack my bag for surfing!



  • Wake up at 6:30 AM to pack up the truck and meet my friends for our surf group (we suck hard but its super fun). Eat a bar I stole from the studio.

  • Surf from 8-10 then get brunch (yes I know 10 am is breakfast but I'm calling it brunch since it includes Bloody Mary's and Margarita's and booze that early in the morning only seems civilized when called brunch not breakfast).

  • Head home, go grocery shopping , try to cook some things for the week. Return more tv exec. emails, work on blog, fold clothing, do laundry and catch up on my TiVo.

There you have it, my 3 days "in the life of"! What does your life look like?