Birthday Notes: 20 Things I have learned about myself by age 44:

Happy Birthday to me - I am 44 and I am going to own it! I got a little worked up about my age the other day thinking about all the stuff I wanted to do with my life, things I thought I had missed out on, things I wished I could change and then it hit me 44 is actually not so bad. I think I am doing pretty well. Sure I have made some miss steps - like that  idiot I dated in college, the Jheri Curl/Prince hair don't  in the early 80's, acid washed jeans etc. Hell if we all look back at our lives the list would go on and on. I have instead decided to view these moments in time, the skeletons in our closets, the bumps in the road, the bad judgements on my part, as tools. They are a map to help us see how far we have come, help define where we will go and ultimately who we are. Much like bruises from pole dancing I will proudly sport these moments because they are part of what makes me who I am and I wouldn't want to change a minute of it.

  1. True friendship is hard to come by - if you have it, keep it and them, close to your heart.
  2. I would not want to go back to being 21 years old.
  3. Men smell amazing after a shower.
  4. Every child should have a dog - it teaches responsibility &  love.
  5. A Shoulder Mount learn it!
  6. It is hard to be single - but sometimes it's nice.
  7.  It is equally hard to be married - but sometimes it's nice.
  8. I could however be 31 years old again.
  9. Life is hard and I don't truly think it gets any easier - we just learn to navigate it better.
  10. It's not the end result - it's the process, enjoy the process.
  11. Your eyesight will degrade as you get older so buy the coolest glasses you can and rock the sexy librarian look.
  12. I will never figure men out, but I will continue to try.
  13. Not everyone is meant to have children.
  14. Owning your own business is a great experience, I love it and I am glad I have done it.
  15. I underestimated the lack of sleep and the grumpiness that working 7 days a week would create.
  16. Learn something NEW you always wanted to do even if you suck at it - I surf - I am horrible and it brings me AMAZING joy!
  17. Sometimes the perfect pair of jeans and some good lip gloss is all you need.
  18. We as women are much harder on our looks then men - we need to loosen up a bit.
  19. You can't change anyone other than yourself.
  20. I would always rather have the cheese cake than not.

My goals for 45 are pretty simple: learn how to be more forgiving,  learn to surf better and learn how to make a really good spicy pork ramen.

What are your goals???