The New Year's Resolutions...

It's coming upon that time of year...the time we all sit down and plan out our New Year's Resolutions - I hate the word resolution.  It seem so FINAL. One of the definitions of resolution is "the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc." Just the word alone seems extremely harsh. This year I am going with INTENTIONS, because while I intend to do a lot of these item - I am not quite sure I am resolved to do them. I think this is a healthier way to look at what I want for myself in life. This year will be the year of me being kind to me. All of my "Intentions" seem to revolve around that theme. Don't get me wrong I'm going to try hard to reach all or some or most of these goals but I don't want to beat myself up next year at this time if I didn't achieve them, seems awfully counter productive! So while I am setting goals for myself I am thinking of each of these items as a multi step, learning process.

  1. Quit smoking...always #1 on my list and always elusive.  Part of this is because while I know it is the worst thing I can do - I really enjoy smoking! There I said it out loud in bold even. I am a smoker and I LOVE it! Worse yet I am a smoker with an aerial studio -  backwards I know. I know in order for me to quit I have to find a way to not love it. I have yet to figure this out but I am going to  try. It might be time to own up to the fact that I might need professional help in this department.
  2. Pay off all my credit card bills. This is one I could have done had I not opened a studio (YAY) so I while I doubt I will be able to pay them all off this year - I will at least work on whittling them down.
  3. Seriously work on my flexibility. Saying SPLITS seems like an elusive goal, working on flexibility makes more sense to me. It's something I can do that might actually get me to those elusive splits I took for granted in my youth ;)
  4. Let go of toxic things, people, thoughts etc that weigh me down. Honestly this is probably a life long process but I really need to start being better at it. In the end the only one you are punishing or is suffering is yourself and while I know this, the process is not an easy one.
  5. Get stronger! I think that if I was honest that this one would really be "lose 20 pounds". But I am trying to be positive Veruca, so I will not harp on weight and instead make a goal of strength. I do however believe with getting stronger there is an inevitable outcome of weight ever little or large that may  be.
  6. Take a vacation! A real vacation, somewhere out of the state for 5 whole days, with no doggy in tow and I must not think about work and not feel guilty about being away for 5 days! Clearly if I can't leave my job for 5 days I am not being paid enough and quite honestly I am the only one who is making myself stay home. Work is FINE with me going on's just me. I always find more stuff I need to do or I let something get in the way. I need to get over this - this is a must for my sanity.
  7. Dance to my favorite songs, for an hour, at least once a week, by my self, at my studio, just for the sake of dancing.
  8. Be a healthier, happier, less judgmental Veruca. Spend more time with my doggy outside, go biking once a week with my husband on our new Christmas bikes, spend more time at the beach this summer, work hard at my job and my studio but remember to enjoy the process a bit more and not worry so much about the outcome.

Have you set your intentions for the new year? Do you even want to - lord knows I didn't, but I think if I can manage just a tiny bit of the above I will be in a great place for 2012.  Hopefully we all will!  Through out this new year we should also remember to be kind to our selves and always be thankful for who we are, where we have come from as well as where we want to be.

Here's hoping we all have a Very, Merry, Sane, Sexy, Fun-filled, Twirly, Strong, Perfect New Year!