Roll My Derby - Booty Shorts...New Etsy Finds!

I have a confession to make. I am a shopping addict. Most of you who know me outside of the cyber world already know this. I swing back and forth somewhere between shopping as a contact sport and hoarding as a profession. I love to shop. Shoes, Jeans and cute but "pole-able" Lingerie/Booty shorts are my passion!We all know the tried and true staples, the pole company's items, the yoga stuff etc. I'm on the hunt for something new, something semi-unique. Something that has a punky yet pin-up attitude. Something that will actually cover my NON size 4 butt ! Something I can move in. Where the hell am I going to find this? I start by searching one of my favorite stomping grounds .

The thing is - while they have a ton of fun items I feel like my searches on Etsy have been exhausted. I need to start thinking outside the box. I'm coming up with the same old stuff. That is untill I see a rerun of Whip It and it hits me - ROLLER DERBY!!!!

Those women are fierce and they always have the cutest shorts/fish net combos, plus they are skating and duking it out in the rink so the shorts should hold up for poling right? I'm in and the search is on!

Here are 2 shops I found on Etsy and a few of their items...ENJOY!



JaimeBaby's Booty Boutique