Baby's got back and so do I. Lord knows I've got back...that being said between aerial, pole and pilates I feel the need to own lots of cute, comfortable and functional shorts to cover said booty. It's not always an easy task. I am constantly looking for the perfect shorts, shorts that will somehow transform me into a tiny, ridiculously strong, 6ft tall, goddess. Barring that I'm looking for shorts that don't roll down my stomach, don't give me muffin top, don't show too much but don't show too little - I mean really aren't we all looking for this? Athletic, Fancy and DIY - I'm on a quest!ATHLETIC: By far the best pair of shorts I have come across for pole dancing is PoleSkivvies. Made by a pole dancer for pole dancers they are super comfortable with a sweat wicking material and no gapping and with no elastic in the waistband you have no muffin top. The fit is key - they truly don't reveal anything you don't want revealed! Really great for class and I find they work wonders during pilates and yoga as well. PoleSkivvies currently sells two different cuts the classic Tail Spin Short,

and The Butterfly Short - Both in multiple colors.

Check out the PoleSkivvies web site for cute tops as well.

Mika Yoga Wear is a favorite among many. The have beautiful cuts and great colors. Their shorts however do not really fit my body so well, but my friends with smaller derrieres swear by them. Mika has multiple items perfect for hot yoga, pilates, pole etc. One of my all time favorite tops is by Mika.


Bad Kitty Pole Fit - a great line of pole wear from Bad Kitty. Currently they have 5 bottoms in their line. My personal favorites are the Long Pole Dancing Shorts and the Brazil.


Shakti Activewear has amazing items...great shorts and tops in amazing colors for all bodies...below are my favorite new shorts by them.

American Apparel has great cotton/spandex boy briefs that are inexpensive, colorful and fun! They actually work well for work outs.

FANCY: Fringe, fringe, fringe - I cannot get enough of it. One of my favorite - just for fun - pairs of booty shorts is a black fringed number from Dancewear Solutions. They have a slew of fun dancewear and stuff suitable for pole as well. These fringed shorts hide a multitude of  sins. They are also really fun to dance in. They do however run slightly large so size down not up.

Ruffled butt panties are my favorite! The problem is I never could really find them in my size and when and if I did they were always flimsy. My solution was to look outside the box. Instead of searching on lingerie web sites I went straight to the source and started looking at Square Dancing shops. I stumbled upon Ruffles N Lace's web site one day and the rest is ruffled butt history. Multiple colors, multiple cuts and good prices, I couldn't be happier!

DIY:Last but not least...sometimes in order to get something to really fit you have to make it yourself. For all of you crafty chica's here are 3 patterns that you might want to try out to make your own special pair.

Colette Patterns has the cutest mini bloomers pattern.

Check out Drummbellina's DIY tutorial for making your own cute knickers. Finally if I was talented enough I would be making hundreds of the Ruched Tie Side Yoga Shorts pattern at Bellemerebellefille's Blog . Enjoy!

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