Aerial Yoga

Go gadget go! I am a speedy, busy girl. I need to learn to relax. I over book my weekends, try to do too much at once and live for the adrenaline rush, so it was surprising to me that I fell in love with Aerial Yoga and Aerial Hammock from the first moment I saw a video of them! They managed to somehow look fun, sexy, strong, a good work out and relaxing all at once. They blended a slew of my favorite pastimes and I was certain when I got into that hammock I would be at home.  I was. Most Aerial Yoga classes are a great combination of yoga, pilates & aerial moves (with some trx and lots ab work as well). The key apparatus in aerial yoga is the sling or hammock. The hammock can be rigged from a fixed point or a dual points roughly 2-3 feet apart. The beauty of aerial yoga is that it allows one to get a deeper stretch with the use of the hammock plus there is less stress on joints as your body is actually supported via the hammock.  There is also a lot of cross over between tissu/pole/aerial hammock (which can differ from aerial yoga ) and aerial yoga. Lots of the moves are eerily similar in all disciplines. Aerial Yoga can be a kinder gentler way to introduce people to other aerial disciplines. The thing I find so appealing about Aerial Yoga that is is there are so many levels and so many variations, it makes for a great group class - there is something for everyone. I have taken Aerial Yoga classes where there was more of an acro fit concentration, or some that were more strength training based, classes that were more yoga centric as well as classes that were heavily aerial/movement based. Yet while AY might seem gentler this is not to say that it cannot be an amazing workout, full of adrenaline, awe-inspiring OR for that matter dangerous (so please practice safely).

So many people ask me why am so drawn to Aerial Yoga. They understand the love for tissu with the amazing drops, pole dancing and even aerial hammock ,  but not everyone "gets" aerial yoga. I find it's hard to explain.  It might be a throwback to my childhood where just swinging on a swing was enough to fulfill me, or the fact that I can practice it in my living room (yes I have hung a rig there!), or that it allows me to work on tissu moves with a little more security, or just the pure comfort of practicing "Savasana" at the end of class - I love being cocooned in the fabric... I am not quite sure other than the fact that at the end of class my brain is a little more quite and my spine is a lot more stretched.

Aerial Yoga/Aerial Hammock is popping up all over the country, the aerial yoga links on the right list just a tiny few of the vendors selling home rigs, dvd's,  manuals and various aerial schools that have classes (I will attempt to update them periodically).  Try taking a class somewhere near you and please check out YouTube for videos that show various examples of how and what aerial yoga could be for you.


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