Secret Santa "Emotional" CD's...Music To Move To

I am obsessed with music as are most the pole dancers I know.One of the things that I LOVED about my pole class at one studio was that each session one special girl would compile a 2 disc CD for everyone in the class as our graduation present. Each girl would email her 3-4 songs and she would burn them on 2 cd's with decadent little covers and list the song by person. I now have a CD journal of each session with these women. I will also say that it was the envy of all of the other classes.

Not only was this a wonderful parting gift, it made the last day of class special and we all found a BUNCH of new music to dance to. It's also a wonderful way to journal your musical change and growth...I look back now at some of my first song choices and think "really?".

In trying to find ways to keep connected and in touch while I was not in class I thought it might be fun to start this up on one of the forums I frequented - with a slight twist. I had everyone who participated send me 2-3 of their favorite songs and ONE word to describe the emotion each song brought to them. I did not list the band or song on the cd. Tracks were listed as numbers and the word was listed for the song title. I compiled, burnt and sent out copies to everyone who participated in our "Secret Santa cd set"

It was amazing to hear the responses from everyone. Almost everyone found new music they enjoyed. It was like Christmas picking a "song" and randomly dancing to it. It turned out to be a great experiment and fun tool for free-styling, you are picking an emotion to explore and dance to instead of a band/song/genre. The goal is to really try to pick songs out of the ordinary, something that might be overlooked in our regular bag of tricks. You can try it out with a bunch of friends or make one for a pole jam. Some of my friends who are teachers now do this with their students at the end of their session.

From time to time I look back and realize I miss the camaraderie of that Forum and the bonds I made in that class but the nice thing is, whenever I get too wistful, I can pull out the cd, pick an emotion...and find my music to move to.


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