You Spin Me love/hate relationship with spinning pole

Okay I'll admit it...I was a pole "snob".  I was that girl. I mean come on spinning pole wasn't really pole dancing - it was CHEATING!  That is until I saw a video that really struck a chord with me, that and I actually bothered to put my pole into spin mode, promptly flew off, slammed violently into my wall and realized crap IT IS REALLY HARD! Why do we sometimes treat spinning pole as cheating? It takes a lot of core strength and control to invert on a spinning pole. Truth be told spinning pole memorizes me. It reminds me of the perfect, dainty music box I had as a child with the spinning ballerina on it. There is an ethereal feeling to spinning pole.

While I love watching it, I just can't seem to bring myself to switch that pin to spin mode. I'm sure the nausea doesn't help. But lately I find myself using the excuse "I'm old and I know what I like, I know what I enjoy" when it comes to trying new things such as food, clothing, music, freestyle vs choreographed pole dancing, static vs spin - "I don't need to try trap I don't like it" etc.  Is it the older we get, the more set in our ways we become? Am I being lazy or am I just afraid to try and fail? OH MY GOD have I become "that" old person? I'm not really sure but I do know I could probably use some professional help.

The great thing about where I live there is a lot of professional help. The nice thing about living in LA is that if you toss a rock out a window you are bound to hit a great pole studio. Allure Dance And Fitness Studio has a cool spinning pole class that I really need to get to (actually I took it once - I'm a wuss and spiny intimidates me, but I'm going back), taught by the fabulous Mina Mortezaie (2010 USPDF Amateur Champion). If you're in LA you should check out the class and make me go with you!

In the end I guess I realize that I don't want to be static, I need to move, to grow and yes maybe even to spin.

It might have a lot to do with Pachelbel's Canon in D but here is the first spinning video I ever saw years ago and it really made me think about the beauty of spinning pole.


And some more of my favorite dancers performing spinning pole - enjoy!

Aerial Amy - Someone I call my friend and have watched grow over the years. She is always pushing and challenging herself within respect to her dance.
















Erika Rodgers...always unique!