Pictures At An Exhibition...Music To Move To

I have always thought at some point I have to dance to "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Mussorgsky...which if you saw me you would not immediately "get". I have to admit it...I had a pretty amazing childhood. I might not have appreciated it then but now as an adult I realize that my parents were pretty cool.

They let me dream. I like to dream. They let me be my own person, choose my own path and were always supportive. How many people can say their parents actively encouraged them to go into an artistic major "um well yes ...accounting is great but maybe you would be happier acting or studying architecture?".

My parents, while not hippies, were by most standards "unique".  There was always lots of kooky albums in our house. Things that most little girls my age were not listening to which explains my complete and total obsession with all things Karen Carpenter, why I know EVERY lyric to every Don McLean song, my love for Pete Seeger and why I have decided I really need to dance to "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Mussorgsky.

Pictures brings me back to my childhood, a care free happy time. We all need a Pictures At An Exhibition to dance to...what is yours? Take a chance and reach back to a time in your life where things were simpler, hone in on those memories and find your music to move to.