*come for the aerial - stay for the community*

In our dreams we are able to fly . . . and that is a remembering of how we were meant to be. — Madeleine L’Engle



We believe aerial arts & circus is for everyone - it's about community - it's about family.

Aeriform Arts is our family, a safe and welcoming space where you are free to explore your creativity and free to express yourself.

Whether you're looking for something completely new, a strong workout, deep practice, sensual connection, development of your performance skills OR just want to let go and fly for a bit – our boutique studio takes pride in having a fun and friendly, yet knowledgeable staff that works hard towards helping all of our clients explore and achieve their maximum potential and goals!

Classes in Silks, Hammock, Aerial Hoop/Lyra, Cube, Pole, Bungee, Trapeze, Aerial Yoga, Dance & Stretch

aerial room: 15-18ft ceilings, 7 aerial points on PULLeys, mirrors & matted floor.

pole room: dance flooring, 1 aerial point, 4 dance poles (12.5 ft, w/static/spin option, 2 brass 50's & 2 stainless 45's)

bathroom w/shower, on street parking  

come fly with us!


1276 N Van Ness Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038            323-466-AERI (2374)  aeriformarts@gmail.com



Where are you located & do you have parking?

  • We are located at 1276 N. VAN NESS AVE., HOLLYWOOD, CA 90038 323-466-AERI (2374). There is free parking outside & around the studio PLEASE COME EARLY TO SECURE PARKING! Do not park in the spaces at the apartment building next door - they will tow.

What should I wear to class?

  • For Pole class you should wear shorts, boy shorts or booty shorts and a tank, tee shirt or bra top. Yoga pants or legging are perfectly okay for beginners, however once you progress you will need shorts in order to have enough skin to stick to the pole. Shoes are always optional - bring them if you have them or want to wear them - they are fun but not required!

  • For Lyra, Cube, Trapeze, Aerial Yoga, Hammock & Silks wear leggings that cover the back of the knee is preferable, shirts that cover arm pits (tanks are acceptable but you should bring a shirt as well) - no slippery clothing.

  • For Stretch & Dance classes wear what ever you are comfortable moving in but realize you will SWEAT a lot in these classes so less is more!

  • For Bungee classes wear tight leggings (or even two pairs) or bicycle pants

***Please remove all jewelry before every class and do not wear any lotions or oils on skin. Please be mindful of body odor, please freshen up ahead of time and refrain from wearing scented lotions and perfume to class (the fabrics hold all scents)***

What should I bring to class?

  • Come with an open and happy attitude! Please bring a yoga mat for any floor based classes. The studio does have yoga mats for your use - but we encourage you to bring your own. Bottled water is available for purchase in the studio.

Am I strong/fit enough for this?

  • Our classes are structured so that everyone at any fitness level can participate! Of course before starting any new fitness regimen you should consult your physician with any issues or questions. For Intermediate/Advanced classes please make sure you can perform all of the prerequisite moves. If you are unsure of the prerequisite moves please call the studio. Advanced students are welcome to take beginner classes but must follow and cannot deviate from the teachers instruction.

Do you accept walk ins?

  • We encourage scheduling online using our online scheduling system. If you are unable to schedule online please call the studio to check class availability and so we can book your class. We do accept walk ins but there is no guarantee of availability OR an open class. If you are a walk in OR new student please call first and arrive at least 15 minutes early.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

  • Our cancellation policy is 12 hours before class. If you do not cancel within this time you void your session & payment without exception.

What if a class is cancelled?

  • If a class doesn't fill or is cancelled for what ever reason, we will refund you, credit your account or reschedule your class - it's your choice.

  • All classes (EXCEPT Open Aerial/Pole) need 2 students signed up in them to keep the class open for the day, please refer to specific class.

How long do my memberships contracts, packages or classes last?

  • All Classes/Multi Packs & Monthly Packages have an expiration date and must be completed by the end date mentioned on site. If you are unable to complete them due to an illness or injury please notify the studio by email or certified mail. Once we have received this and responded we will put your classes/package for hold up to 3 months.

  • Membership contracts are for 3 months and auto renew after 3 months unless otherwise canceled before next payment period.

Are your classes co-ed and can people watch your classes?

  • All of our classes are co-ed.

  • To respect our students we do not allow spectators during any of the classes while they are in session.

How long are your classes?

  • All of our classes are 1 hour – 1.5 hours each. Please refer to the class descriptions/schedule for actual class length.

Can my child under 18 years old take class?

  • We have Children's Aerial Classes for Ages 9-17.

Can I bring my child or pet to the studio and have them wait for me in the lobby during class?

  • No. Unfortunately at this time we do not have child care and the staff cannot be responsible for watching children during the day. Pets (even though we love them) are not allowed in the studio

What is the meaning of life?

  • Love, Liberty & Flight!